The Restorers Themselves


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A complete list of the folks involved in the original documentary “The Restorers,” filmed in 2002

Maj. Gen. Bill Anders

(Heritage Flights)

Gerry Beck

(warbird restorer)

Col. Frank Borman

(Heritage Flights)

Mike Cuy 

(Pietenpol Builder)

Nick Engler

(Wright Aircraft Builder)

Steve Hinton

(Warbird Restorer)

Merrill Morris

(USAFM Restorer)

Robert Odegaard

(Warbird Restorer)

Charles Reed

(Antique Aircraft Builder)

Brig. Gen. Regis Urschler

(Heritage Flights)

Joe Tobul

(Warbird Pilot)

Roy Rehm

(Antique Aircraft Builder)

Yankee Air Force

(Warbird Museum & Restorers)

Charles Reed has set himself up a not-so-mini-museum in Northeastern Ohio. Reed has restored dozens of planes, mostly from the early stages of aviation. The Reed property, designated as Pheasant Run Airport, is complete with a grass strip runway and four hangers, which house most of their aircraft collection. Along with the help of his wife Gretchen, also an accomplished pilot, Reed is working on several projects. In the works are a Baby Ace and a twin-engine Beech. His work can also be seen at the International Women's Air & Space Museum as a fully restored Smith Miniplane, the "Pretty Purple Putty Tat", flown by aviation pioneer Tracy Pilurs.

   Charles Reed passed away in December 2008. The museum and airport he and Gretchen built will endure, operated by local NE Ohio organizations.

In 2011, Gretchen Reed donated Pheasant Run Airport, including the aircraft, to Lake Erie College to operate as a museum. To read more...

(updated 2011)

Charles & Gretchen Reed