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They Were All Volunteers

   In 2010 an extraordinary event took place.  Each year the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders from WWII have a reunion to remember their mission, their comrades, and their leader Gen. Jimmy Doolittle.  For their 68th reunion, seventeen B-25 bomber crews gathered to honor the Doolittle Raiders.
    This episode stands out, as it follows a B-25 Mitchell bomber from Minnesota as her crew participates in the Doolittle Raiders Reunion / B-25 Gathering in Dayton, Ohio. If you missed the event, now you can experience it in HD!
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“The Restorers” has won two Emmy awards for:
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Technical Achievement

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The Restorers entered 2013 with gusto.  Starting in March the show resumed production, thanks to the support of our existing investors.  As the months went by, we racked up thousands of miles, and gained extraordinary footage.  We hoped you followed along on our adventures via Facebook as we brought to you the stories of production, restorers, aviation, and history.  We are currently in the midst of post-production and hope to have a broadcast announcement soon.

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They Were All Volunteers


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WASP Capt. Florence “Shutsy” Reynolds

in front of Mike Porter’s restored Stearman

Takeoff at Cole Palen’s Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, NY

Flying the sands of Kitty Hawk...1902-style

Tora, Tora, Tora

Planes of Fame - Chino, CA

Artifacts recovered by the Freeman Field team

Air racer Louise Thaden in her Travel Air, now

displayed in Oklahoma City, OK

From Deep in the Heart of Texas, Tarrant County College is restoring Jackie Cochran’s Beech 18.