The Restorers Themselves


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A complete list of the folks involved in the original documentary “The Restorers,” filmed in 2002

Maj. Gen. Bill Anders

(Heritage Flights)

Gerry Beck

(warbird restorer)

Col. Frank Borman

(Heritage Flights)

Mike Cuy 

(Pietenpol Builder)

Nick Engler

(Wright Aircraft Builder)

Steve Hinton

(Warbird Restorer)

Merrill Morris

(USAFM Restorer)

Robert Odegaard

(Warbird Restorer)

Charles Reed

(Antique Aircraft Builder)

Brig. Gen. Regis Urschler

(Heritage Flights)

Joe Tobul

(Warbird Pilot)

Roy Rehm

(Antique Aircraft Builder)

Yankee Air Force

(Warbird Museum & Restorers)

Mike Cuy’s job has him right on the edge of technology. He’s in charge of new engine materials testing at NASA Glenn Research Center. During the week, he tests new engine parts and coatings for some of today’s most advanced aircraft.

   On the weekend, Cuy goes back in time. He is the owner/pilot of a 1930’s Pietenpol homebuilt plane. Flying his Pietenpol out of a Northern Ohio grass strip, Cuy enjoys the atmosphere of the old days. “It’s like a time machine. No control tower, no jets. Just enjoying aviation at its core essence. Flying low and slow, enjoying the view,” says Cuy. Cuy has won awards with his Pietenpol at many fly-ins across the midwest including the 1998 Bronze Lindbergh award at the EAA’s fly-in at Oshkosh, WI. (2003)

Mike Cuy