The Restorers Themselves


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A complete list of the folks involved in the original documentary “The Restorers,” filmed in 2002

Maj. Gen. Bill Anders

(Heritage Flights)

Gerry Beck

(warbird restorer)

Col. Frank Borman

(Heritage Flights)

Mike Cuy 

(Pietenpol Builder)

Nick Engler

(Wright Aircraft Builder)

Steve Hinton

(Warbird Restorer)

Merrill Morris

(USAFM Restorer)

Robert Odegaard

(Warbird Restorer)

Charles Reed

(Antique Aircraft Builder)

Brig. Gen. Regis Urschler

(Heritage Flights)

Joe Tobul

(Warbird Pilot)

Roy Rehm

(Antique Aircraft Builder)

Yankee Air Force

(Warbird Museum & Restorers)

In his workshop, at the base of a mountain range, Roy is building his own little squadron. He is restoring a Boeing Model 100, a F4B-1, and a P-12B. These three planes are, in fact, all the same plane, just different versions of it (private, US Navy, and US Army Air Corps.) The statue above is of the Thompson Racing Trophy, carved out of a tree in his front yard. (2002)

Roy Rehm